How to Pay

How to Pay

Advertise your property to sell or rent for more options.

If you are an owner or broker and want to advertise your property/s for selling or renting, you can do it by Jubba Real Estate website, then you have an opportunity to sell or rent your property for the best price possible. When your house is advertised on Jubba Real Estate, it can been seen by many people around World and you have a lot of chances selling it quickly. There are many people who visit Jubba Real Estate website looking houses for selling or renting every day. All you have to do, go our website and register and click ‘submit button’ to upload the photos of your house and its information.

Jubba Real Estate is pleased to offer these kind of services to its customers which were impossible a year ago in Somalia. You have options to sell or rent your property/s. you either ask us to be your agent and we can sell or rent and manage your house or you can advertise it on our website and be agent on your behalf. When customers see the property online, then they can contact to you directly and discuss with you in your own time. To advertise your house will cost $50 USD for six months and you can extend it if required.


Instruction for how to pay the payment of advertisement

If you have PayPal account you can pay from your account by credit card, debit Visa/Master card or you can send the money using your mobile and send it to our mobiles. Our mobile are Hormud Telecommunication and there are as follows:-


  1. (+252) 617 558 888-You can use both EVCPLUS and TAJ services.
  2. (+252) 617 557 777-You can use EVCPLUS only.


This is how you use transferring money from your mobile to our mobiles

  1. *712*617557777*Amount#ENTER or
  2. *712*617558888*Amount#ENTER.


Salaam Bank Details

If you have account bank with Salaam Bank, you can also transfer money from your Salaam account into our account, which is   30751431 and here is how you use it.


If you need more information about how to transfer money, please contact us our mobile numbers or ask Hormud company branch.


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